Cristo Rey High School Lower Level Renovations

Cafeteria Lower Level Alterations / Mixed Media Space (Detroit, MI)


This former church is a historic building that has been converted to a high school.  AGI was contracted to renovate 6,000 SF of the lower level cafeteria of Cristo Rey High School as well as its commercial kitchen.  AGI also constructed and installed IT equipment for the school’s mixed media shared community space, also located on the lower level.


AGI was able to provide several value added services to the Owner throughout the project.  

  • AGI helped the Owner recognize a significant cost savings by purchasing the kitchen equipment outright, as opposed to having the purchased obtained by the Architect.  This resulted in saving the Owner over $20,000.
  • AGI provided redline drawings to the Owner so that they can now update their as-built drawings.
  • The IT Media Room did not have a design in place to for the Owner’s plans. To address this critical need, AGI provided suggestions on equipment and audio systems that once implemented, thoroughly addressed the needs of the Owner.


This exciting renovation of Cristo Rey High School was not successfully completed without its share of challenges. From our initial demolition activities we encountered several issues, including the plumbing and sprinkler systems 

Roof Drainage Causing Flooding – Underground plumbing pipes were collapsed and the roof drained into the building through a series of pipes that lead to an underground piping system that had a collapsed pipe, resulting in the halting of installing of flooring work.  AGI performed a detailed scope of the piping system to verify the cause of the flooding, re-routed the piping above ground in the ceiling and bypassed the collapsed pipe, tying it back into the existing roof drainage pipe into the mechanical room.


Point of Contact: Reuben Metzer, Project Manager
Prime Contractor: Ideal Contracting

Architect: CM-Partners Architects LLC
Contract Value: $620,000
Project Completion: September 2016

AGI Self Perform:   Demolition, Millwork Cabinetry & Countertop (Kitchen), Drywall and Acoustical, Painting, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, IT, and Media & Audio Systems

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