18th Street Design-Build Hub

1326 18th Street, Detroit MI

Project Summary 

The project is the conversion of a Queen Anne house in Southwest Detroit into a  Design-Build hub that will be a innovation office for AGI that will also provide a space for residents to engage with development taking place locally, provide a platform for collaboration with construction industry and design experts, in turn ensuring local people are central to the development process. 

Throughout the design and construction phases neighbors have engaged with the development of the property through community-led design events which will inspire the final design. 

Our resident survey indicated there is a demand and interest for skills trades amongst those looking for work and for those wishing to maintain their homes, and a need for home maintenance services including yard clearance, fence repairs, energy saving and weatherization.  

Desired Outcomes 

Over a two year period, the project expects to advance the following community priorities: 

  • Retain community investment by advocating for equitable community development 
  • Exemplify to others our how our urban hubs have worked to protect and preserve local culture and history through respectful engagement 
  • Advocate for local skilled tradespeople and minority construction businesses to ensure cornerstone of future development 
  • Strengthen and increase employment opportunities for local talent and small businesses, building AGI capacity to take on more projects  
  • Share knowledge on basic home maintenance and green workshops to help those impacted negatively by blight laws 
  • Promote an equitable and sustainable neighborhood development model that could be duplicated by documenting, measuring and sharing our approach 

The project demonstrates a continuation of AGI’s mission to deliver construction projects that provide long-term socio-economic benefits to the community in Southwest Detroit. We will revitalize a property that has blighted Stanton Park for nearly a decade, turning it into a positive space that will act to bring together people, ideas and opportunities. 

Scope of Work

AGI is currently working and researching feasible green energy construction aspects for the project and will demonstrate to Detroiters a “green” neighborhood hub. We are looking at the potential of insulation techniques, solar panels, metal roof, and a green roof on the garage. 

The project will consist of a full interior restoration and renovation of 2-3 floors and will include mechanical electrical work; plumbing; energy-saving windows; the restoration of a historic staircase, foyer, and fireplace; installation of radiant floors, kitchen, bathrooms and potentially basement prep work for later usage.  

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