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Design build of television recording studio-Detroit World Outreach (2008) ˜

Demolished existing area. Framed walls according to specifications for state of the art television recording studio.
Upgraded electrical service to compensate for new lighting and installed all new outlets, switches, room and stage
lighting. Custom built stage area. Installed drywall, acoustical ceilings, sound-proofing, custom doors and trim work.


Giovanna’s Lounge Historic Reconstruction Project (2009) ˜

Reconstruction of   building located in the Hubbard Farms Historic Preservation Community. Rebuilding of foundation,
walls, ceilings and floors of building structure. Installed temporary supports per Structural Engineer specifications.
Rebuilt masonry support columns to tie into existing masonry framework in order to permanently shore up building.
Installed structural cinder block, and new brick fascia. Interior: Two new stair wells, drywall, electrical,
plaster work, trim, doors and windows.


T-Lab Learning Center, Redford, MI (2010) ˜

Complete build out including walls, drywall, soffits, acoustical ceiling, raised flooring, pulled power and new
electrical panel into room. Installed all electrical and lighting, opened load bearing concrete walls for windows
and door access. Custom built light boxes and computer tables. Added Low voltage.


Village Park Apartments, Detroit, MI. ˜
SOGEFI Engine Systems, Rochester, MI.
UNITY PARK HOUSING, Pontianc, MI. Electrical


  • Alternative for Girls
  • Burton-Katzman
  • Burger King
  • Detroit PAL
  • Detroit World Outreach Center
  • DMK Interiors
  • Founders Insurance
  • Michigan Condominium Management
  • Penske
  • Redford School District
  • Sogefi Engine Systems
  • T-lab Learning Center
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Vision IT